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Environment protection, health consciousness, animal protection...

There are many reasons why more and more people are following a diet free of food of animal origin or trying to reduce their meat consumption. If we create a proper, balanced meal plan free from animal-derived ingredients, then it won’t have any negative effects on reaching our fitness goals (e.g., body building).

Vegan line of BioTechUSA offers you protein bars, amino acids, protein powders and multivitamins, too. They can be an ultimate partner, if you have a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle! And on the other hand, you can also try them out, if you need vegan food supplements occasionally.

  • Containing rice and pea protein
  • Source of dietary fibre
  • With no added sugar*
  • Gluten-free**
  • Palm oil free

*Contains naturally occurring sugars.

**Gluten-free in accordance with the regulations of the European Union.